We sell clothing, Damn good clothing.

…after having written these honest words it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t reveal the complete story. So sit back and let us begin with the beginning. Ok, maybe not the very first beginning, but the beginning that led to this incredible situation of having our own store. Definitely not an easy road to take, but the road that we love to live! A road that began with Pim Wiggers’ first side job next to college. At that time it was just a way to afford some fresh kicks and late night sips, nothing too serious. But as time went on, it became clear to him that he loved his work. From the enthusiastic conversations with people to the little details of presenting well-balanced and crafted collections. After seven years of working for different high-end fashion stores, the dream of having his own store started to get gastronomic proportions. The dream of having his own store never faded. A store at least as good as the high-end stores he worked for. A clear standard to live up to thanks to ‘The Globe – Arnhem’. But a dream is empty without well thought-out actions. And it took about a year to work out a clear concept of what Neighbourhood could and should be.

Through time the name got meaning and the concept matured through struggle. Struggle defined by overcoming numerous obstacles with the help of close-by relatives, who went through fire to accomplish this wish. To be honest with you, there wouldn’t be a ‘Neighbourhood’ without the support of his neighbourhood.

Clothing for living. As we’re traveling around the world for the selection of the finest brands, we are always on a quest for clothing that serves the man – not the other way around. Clothing that is ready to wear. Resistant to the rough edges of life. For men who recognize quality and don’t settle for less. Come by for a good cup of coffee or join us at our Neighbourhood x 8- bit parties. 

Head high, arms open.